Although a large part of the acquisitions or transfers of shares require registration publicity, there are some that disregard this requirement. The registration publicity, which comprises having to present the deed in the Mercantile Registry for registration, arises on the following occasions:

In the constitution of new companies, both private limited and anonymous, the deed of incorporation must be registered. Therefore, the data of the partners or founder shareholders will appear in the Registry as such.

Shares purchase when the purchaser is or becomes a sole shareholder: If all the shares of a company are acquired by a single natural or legal person, the identity of the Sole Shareholder will have to be communicated to the Mercantile Registry by means of the corresponding deed of declaration of one-person nature.

Capital increase. Acquiring shares through a capital increase also involves identifying the partner or shareholder in the deed of increase and presenting it in the Mercantile Registry.

If the acquisition of shares in a company is carried out through a legal transaction, the shares are acquired by more than one natural or legal person, and the partners / selling shareholders are more than one, said purchase will not be registrable in the Mercantile Registry, and therefore the new shareholders or partners’ identity will not appear in the registration form of the company. Taking as an example a Private Limited Company of 3,000 euros of social capital divided into 3,000 shares, if a partner acquires 2,999 shares and the other shareholder just 1, they will not be obliged to publish their identities.

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