The acquisition of a previously constituted company can have great benefits. In the following article we will highlight some of its advantages, compared to the creation of a company from scratch.

  • Agility

When proceeding with the acquisition of a company, it is only necessary to grant a public deed of sale. However, the procedures for constituting a company can take up to 40 days (obtaining a NIF, granting a deed of incorporation and registration in the Mercantile Registry, etc.).

  • Disbursement of the share capital

The disbursement of the share capital is not necessary, since it has been previously disbursed at the time of its incorporation. Nevertheless, the disbursement of all the share capital is a prerequisite when constituting a new company, prior to the granting of the deed of incorporation (the social capital must be at least €3,000).

  • Customize your company

A shelf company has been assigned a company name, bylaws, administrative body, etc. Yet, this can be modified and adapted to its future activity.

  • Immediate banking operations

At the time of incorporation and the beginning of a company’s activity, an operative and available bank account is required (this procedure usually takes a few days). However, if you decide to purchase a previously incorporated company, you will have absolute freedom to start any activity through the said bank account, whose opening occurs at the time the incorporation.

  • Buyer’s confidentiality

The purchase and sale of social participations (shares in a limited company) is not registered in the Mercantile Registry. Moreover, the identity of the acquirers will not be reflected in the registration form of the company if the shares purchase is made by more than one natural or legal person.

A different scenario occurs at the time of constitution of a company, since it is mandatory to register such actions in the Mercantile Registry.

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